Barka Marina

The New Waterfront

About Barka Marina:

One of the biggest projects contributing to the prosperity and growth of the region, on the front Marine, where it is 56 km from Muscat International Airport.

The Project seeks to create civilized projects in a modern style, in addition to providing distinct investment opportunities for local and international partners, which attract different age groups and all segments of society from visitors, residents, citizens, fishermen and yacht owners.

Barka Marina Development is situated in Barka City & it is 45 KM Away from Muscat International Airport. It will be a pedestrian friendly, mixed-use urban development and we strongly believe that it will be the brand new sophisticated and stylish face of Barka With its Components.

With its modern and eco friendly fish market complex, Barka Marina Designed as an entertainment and shopping island.
It has various possibilities for locals, tourists, fishermen and yachters.
It will will be so attractive with its restaurants and cafes.
A variety of shopping functions will be lined through the streets inside the port.
Resort hotel will offer a peaceful and exclusive atmosphere, And adventurous boating events and races are also going to be held in barka marina.

Barka Marina Services & Facilities:

  • Fish Market Complex
  • Boat Maintenance Workshops
  • Restaurants Block – Pier One
  • Entertainment Block
  • Retail Shops
  • Shopping Mall
  • Ball Room.
  • Water Shows Centre.
  • Resort Hotel & Residences.
  • Water Sport Centre
  • Aqua Park
  • Fishermen’s Shops & Services
  • Barka Souq
  • Yacht Marina
  • Private Beach for resorts, Hotel and service building
  • Private Chalets & Beach
  • Coast Guard Building
  • Future Logistics Development
  • Fishermen’s Warehouse & Net Repairing
  • Petrol Station.


Mail Address

Phone Number

(+968) 7960 0091