Falcon For Tourism Investments

Company’s Vision

Tourism is a civilized industry that brings together the cultures, customs and norms of the peoples and societies of the world, as well as linking these societies with various relationships as a result of the exchange of visits between them.
The tourism sector in many countries of the world is considered one of the main pillars for the national economy in terms of providing job opportunities and cash flows in foreign currency and an active stimulant for retail trade of all kinds. For these considerations, Falcon for tourism investments confirms its conviction of the need to pay attention to this sector and provide all the requirements for success in it and creating the climate and the environment which is suitable for its growth and considering it as a pillar of the national economy, especially as Oman is abundant with its natural resources represented by beautiful coasts, mountains and valleys, in addition to the varied weather throughout the year, and that ancient heritage that Oman is distinguished by in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula accompanied by a climate of security and safety in all parts of the country .

Company’s Goals

The company has started its investments and its name in the investments in tourism carried weight because of its belief and those responsible for it that this sector is one of the most promising sectors, and for this reason the company that currently operates the 450-room 4 stars Leviato and Somerset hotels is planning to increase the size of its investments in this field by adding resorts and hotels of the category 5 Stars in the distinctive tourist areas in the Sultanate and look positively for any suitable investment opportunity in the same field outside the Sultanate. The company also welcomes the investors who wish to invest in Oman in the tourism sector, which we believe will receive unprecedented government care and support.

Company’s Message

The services of tourists and visitors to the country and our tourist facilities are our concern and respect, their service is a our duty as they are guests who we cherish for their choice of our facilities and our country, and that courtesy and sophistication in treatment will be the characteristics of workers in this field. We consider guest feedback and impressions lessons that we can learn from how to improve the quality of our services.


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